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About Me

Simone Wésche, Body psychotherapist
Alternative practitioner & AP for psychotherapy, mother

In 2004 I participated for the first time in a 14-day SKAN workshop in Aix-en-Provence. I was completely overwhelmed by this experience. I experienced how the conscious processes of movement, breathing and expression of feelings removed inner blockages, and released suppressed life energy. In my view, SKAN integrative bodywork begins where the head is stuck with wanting to understand yourself and “sorrowful analysis” of your own personality.

SKAN has fascinated me ever since. I am always amazed at how immediately and directly this work focuses on what is important: "Skan is a powerful method of bringing people into contact with themselves and others. It is a deep immersion into being, into our human existence. It is a furious encounter with our resistances, the parts of us that are suppressed and rejected and a growing connection with ourselves and others. It happens in the present, and stretches it like a deeply vaulted room into which the light flows...". (N.S.)

Helping individuals achieve vitality, perception and creativity is my motivation in my work.


Change of direction

Further training - SKAN Academy Hamburg: