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SKAN Group Therapy in Berlin - Is it for me?

Why don't my relationships work? Why do I get into the same conflicts with family, friends or colleagues again and again and how can I solve them for myself? How can I learn to really be myself, to be more detached on the one hand and allow more closeness on the other? These are typical questions that move people to take part in Skan body therapy in a group or to group therapy.

Experiencing yourself consciously in relation to others

In contrast to individual work in Skan body therapy, group work gives you the opportunity to experience yourself in contact with different characters and in different contexts. Changing body-oriented exercises encourage you to come into deeper contact with your own feelings and with other participants. As a result of this confrontation, your own relationship patterns and blockades will become more conscious.

Transforming blockages into new possibilities

The group's protected room allows participants to let go of familiar patterns of communication and behaviour and try out new things. In this way, they discover new scope for action and gain more inner freedom in relation to others. By learning to truly encounter each other, the participants together pave the way to sincere and loving relationships.

Deep, playful and effective

Skan group therapy alternates between body perception exercises, breathing work, dance and theatre therapy and gestalt therapeutic elements. This broad spectrum makes body therapy work in the group not just varied and creative, but also profound and effective.

In order to participate in the self-awareness group, an individual session is necessary beforehand. At the moment the group therapy is only taking place in Berlin.

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