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SKAN Body Therapy Practice in Berlin

My body therapy practice is located in the Körtestr. 4 in the beautiful Berlin district of Kreuzberg. It is located in a courtyard in a spacious converted coach-house called "SpiegelHerz" (“Heart mirror”). The room provides exactly the right space for body work, movement & expression. I use the practice primarily for the body psychotherapeutic individual work, but also for small groups. I work with larger groups at Innenraum in Berlin-Friedrichshain (see Group work with annual groups).

Just ring the bell at "SpiegelHerz" in the front building or go through the entrance gate into the courtyard.

SKAN THERAPIE Berlin - Practice for Bodywork and Body Psychotherapy
Hinterhaus Remise „SpiegelHerz“
Körtestr. 4
10967 Berlin

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Tel: 030-47034105