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Are you looking for an effective form of body-oriented psychotherapy? Then you have come to the right place: I offer individual sessions and group therapy combined with talk therapy.

What is SKAN body therapy?

Skan body therapy has its origin in Depth psychology. The aim of this therapy is to dissolve mental and physical blockages with the help of breathing, targeted movements, touch & various interventions, and to restore the natural energy flow in the body. Therapeutic conversation is also an integral part of my work. SKAN helps us to experience, understand and fill our own body as an inseparable part of our individual existence (self-awareness). It is also about the relationship to the other person. Real deep relationships arise from sincerity and truthfulness. Bodywork makes us aware of our own avoidance strategies in contact and supports the melting of superfluous protective posture in this contact. The focus of the Skan work is always more "the relationship" and less "the method".

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My bodywork practice is located in the Zschochersche Straße 23, 1st floor (Samadhi room) in Plagwitz, Leipzig.

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