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Skan Therapy
Practice for Body Psychotherapy and Body Therapy in Berlin

Welcome to Skan Therapy

Are you looking for an effective form of body-oriented psychotherapy? Then you have come to the right place: I offer individual sessions and group therapy.

Who is SKAN body psychotherapy for?

I can help you with challenges in your relationship, family or at work. Do you want to overcome traumas, fears, psychosomatic illnesses or depressive phases? Have you made it your goal to expand your own boundaries or to protect yourself against depressive moods? Are you interested in self-awareness, would you like to better access your feelings, break down mental blocks or simply feel more vital? SKAN body therapy uses the right approach for all of this. Even if other forms of therapy have not been successful, SKAN body-oriented psychotherapy can help.

In my work I give you the space to face individual challenges: whether making important decisions, overcoming or preventing mental blocks, dealing with people in an unbiased way or simply enjoying life more.

More about body trauma therapy and its background.

What is SKAN body therapy?

Skan body therapy has its origin in Depth psychology. The aim of this therapy is to dissolve mental and physical blockages with the help of breathing, targeted movements, touch & various interventions, and to restore the natural energy flow in the body. Therapeutic conversation is also an integral part of my work. SKAN helps us to experience, understand and fill our own body as an inseparable part of our individual existence (self-awareness). It is also about the relationship to the other person. Real deep relationships arise from sincerity and truthfulness. Bodywork makes us aware of our own avoidance strategies in contact and supports the melting of superfluous protective posture in this contact. The focus of the Skan work is always more "the relationship" and less "the method".

Where is my practice for body therapy?

My practice is located in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

What is the origin of SKAN bodywork?

SKAN Body Therapy is based on Wilhelm Reich's “Vegetotherapy”: In the 1930s, the Austrian-American psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and sociologist recognized a direct connection between psychological complaints and physical blockages. Based on Reich's findings, Al Baumann & Michael Smith later developed the intuitive SKAN bodywork.